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Protect Your Ads!


Vintage paper memorabilia preservation requires proper scrapbooking and archival supplies if you want your collectibles to outlast you!

Using thumbtacks to pin your new treasure to a bulletin board just isn't going to cut it!

Remember the words "Acid Free." The acid contained in most papers causes them to yellow and crumble and deteriorate over time. Cheap newsprint goes quickly. High quality papers last much longer. At the top of the quality ladder are archival papers which promise to last almost forever with a reasonable amount of care.

Fortunately, many early magazines were printed on very high quality paper. It is still possible to find an occasional ad over 100 years old that looks like it could have been printed last year.

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Long term storage of Vintage Paper items should be in archival quality materials that will help them outlast you! The poly bags that we use to protect advertisements during shipment do a superb job of getting your purchase to you safely, but are not archival quality.

You will be able to find whatever you need in this connection and educate yourself at the same time. Enter the search phrase "Archival Supplies" in this Google Search box.

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Handy Care Tips

If text and pictures from the opposite side of a Vintage Ad are visible, the effect can be diminished greatly by placing the ad against a black background - especially useful when framing them for display!

Wrinkles or creases on paper items respond favorably to ironing. Place the item between two sheets of clean white paper on a flat surface. Iron briefly with a medium hot iron. Don't wet it and don't over do it! The problem won't disappear entirely, but should be lessened considerably.

If you are going to ship a Vintage Advertisement to anyone, use a heavy cardboard shipping tube and not a flat envelope! Most ads are too large to fit in to a mailbox without folding, thus creating constant warfare between the Sender and the Postman. The Postman trys very hard to bend the item so it fits the box. The sender adds rigid layers inside the envelope to keep it from bending. Sometimes the sender wins - sometimes the Postman wins. We are not willing to take that chance with our ads and ship inside heavy cardboard shipping tubes. So far, every single ad has arrived safely!