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Don't Get Ripped Off buying collectibles!


Avoid these four expensive mistakes!

  • Don't buy collectibles or collectible memorabilia sight unseen from people you don't know unless you are sure they are honorable and honest citizens

  • Don't buy collectibles until you are certain what you are getting

  • Don't give out your credit card information to anyone you don't know

  • Don't buy collectibles or collectible memorabilia online if you are not certain that the connection is encrypted and secure

  • Life was simpler when we bought only on a face to face basis.  We could examine the goods, pay for them with cash and walk home with our purchase. No misunderstanding about what was being purchased, no delivery problems, and, for the vendor, no collection problems. Done Deal!

    Person to person may be tough to do if you are collecting something in short supply. Our online business is selling Vintage Print Ads on ebay, and we routinely deal with customers on the other side of the world.  We may get a particular ad from a seller on the west coast, 3000 miles away from us, and ship it to a customer in Australia!

    Happily, there are ways to protect yourself that are quick and simple
    and easy and don't cost a dime!

    Customer opinions about how they were treated by a Merchant can help you. If you know several people who have had good experiences with a vendor you are probably safe. Several large online sites now collect and publish Customer Feedback for both sides of almost every transaction. They are honest brokers. Read about it on the Customer Feedback page of this site. You can also check our personal history on ebay if you wish:

    Customer Feedback

    You CAN buy online with the calm, cheerful assurance that the financial part of the transaction will take place safely and securely and without a problem. Now OR in the future! Read about it on this site at:

    Protect Your Wallet!