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Customer service, feedback, loyalty and customer satisfaction are important to you if you are a potential buyer OR an online merchant. An ever increasing number of online Companys are encouraging feedback from both sides of every transaction - and publishing the results on line for the whole world to see. This is tremendously helpful to all concerned! It is now possible for you to know for certain how a vendor conducts their business. Are they fair, competent, prompt........ truthful? If their percentage of satisfied customers is high, you will be able to deal with confidence.

Ebay was one of the first to introduce the feedback concept to their business. It is one of the major factors in their astounding success. They encourage feedback and are honest and straightfoward with the information. They tell it like it is!

Every person who buys or sells on ebay has a feedback record. You can click to see ours here:

Feedback Record

If you haven't registered to buy or sell on ebay you should! Registration only takes a few minutes. It is free and simple and quick! You can register here:

eBay Quick Registration

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