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How to Find the Right Vintage Ad


Searching for the treasure that was meant for you can be alot of fun! If you enjoy going to garage sales or farm auctions or library clearances, keep your eyes open for old magazines and advertising materials that you might enjoy owning. Check the classified ads in your local newspaper. People sometimes offer vintage magazines for sale that way. Check with relatives and friends. Let them know the type of thing you are looking for. Some may be anxious to help.

There is a better way!

Spend a little bit of quality time searching online! Search on Google or Yahoo or AltaVista or GrandfathersLegacy.com. Your challenge will be separating the worthwhile from the not so good, but you will be able to see and access materials from all over the world.............. without spending a dime for gasoline!

- OR -

If you would like to narrow your search even further, you might enjoy checking out our online store. Our mission is first to locate and obtain vintage print advertisements that are in a condition suitable for collecting. Each piece is then expertly separated, inspected, photographed, protected, indexed, categorized and entered in to a searchable database so that you can easily find subjects or periods that interest you. Click on the pretty women below to take a look:

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