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Why Collect Ads?


Collectible Vintage advertisements include everything from the entire side of a barn to tiny keepsake momentos imprinted for special occasions. We are going to concentrate here on vintage print media advertisements - magazine advertisements, cartoon, sentimental, Joe Camel, advert, movie memorabilia, fashion ads and the like. Collecting them is fun and inexpensive and Wow!... the memories they bring back!

You will find pieces of your life shown for all the world to see in vintage print advertising:

              * The clothes you wore
              * The food you ate
              * The cars, boats, trains, planes and buses that moved you around your world
              * The Companies you worked for and the places you visited
              * The movies you remember, the songs you sang and the people who made both
              * The attitudes and values and priorities of the world you lived in

If it can be shown visually, it has likely been part of a magazine or print ad. The efforts of many incredibly talented photographers and artists are represented. When the best of their vintage work speaks to us the effect can be very special - not unlike the response brought forth by a special song or the scent of a particular perfume. We remember our yesterdays. Memories which have grown dim with the passage of time are given new life. More recent memories are reinforced. Finding the right ad can be a pleasant experience!

The reasons for collecting vintage advertising are as individual as the people involved. Some ads are framed and displayed to share with others - to decorate an office or business or room at home. Some find their home in a scrapbook or photo album. Sometimes a particular ad is purchased because "I just had to have it."

One thing is for sure - they aren't making any more of them! Print ads were often published one time only. A specific ad can become increasingly hard to find with each year that passes. Some are already 100 years old! Condition and cost will be important to you.

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